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Group Exercise Training

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Sports Specific Training

Take your game to the next level. Improve speed, power, strength and agility while also focusing on injury prevention and pre/post recovery for all athletes.

Aqua Aerobics

Shallow and deep water full-body workout, working your cardiovascular and muscular system using water bells, kick-boards, and weights.

Pilates & Barre

Mat Pilates is performed on the floor using a yoga mat and various props. The main fitness goals of a Mat Pilates program includes improved flexibility, muscle tone, body balance, spinal support, low back health, sports performance, and body-mind awareness.


Mentally and actively let out tension using stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques. While building your core strength, also will provide deliberate and intense muscle engagement.

Intense Cardio

The class for cardio fiends. Running circuits, mixed with small weights and body weight exercises at a high pace.  This class is sure to get your heart pumping!”


Interval Training using free weights, body weights while building cardio endurance to define and sculpt your body!

Personal Training & Training Services

Fitness Orientation

All New Members receive a fitness assessment and one personal training session.


Metabolic Analysis

Comprehensive science-based metabolic assessment to optimized training and nutritional needs.


Invented by Navy Seals, this workout develops strength, balance, flexibility and core strength. Sign up by the Thursday prior at Front Desk-Fitness Binder.


Sports Performance Training

Take your game to the next level. Improve speed, power, strength and agility while also focusing on injury prevention and pre/post recovery for all athletes.

Weight Loss & Strength Conditioning

Personalized nutrition and strength coaching to help you meet your individual fitness goals.

For more information, please contact Chaz Baggio at

Yoga Small

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer provides spring-based resistance allowing training to extend rangesof motion with focus on your core and flexibility.

Yoga Classes


Private Yoga allows you to focus on personal interests, concerns, or goals for flexibility, strength or meditation.

More Information

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about your personal fitness goals, contact us today.


Meet Our Trainers

Personal Trainer

MJ Dorris

MJ enjoys focusing on all types of aquatic training, including swim lessons, deep water, aqua Pilates and aquatic rehab, specializing in assisting those recovering from injuries or who are in post rehab.

Certifications: A.C.E. Personal Trainer, A.C.E. Group Fitness Instructor, STOTT Pilates Instructor A.E.A. Aquatics Instructor, Aqua Stretch Instructor, Trigger Point Instructor

Personal Trainer

Dan Niccolai

Dan earned his Bachelor of Science, Ferris State University and has since committed himself to making fitness fun, combining endurance, strength and flexibility in his client’s workouts. His specialties include using exercise physiology to work toward improving cardio, respiratory fitness and strength training.

Dan is an endurance athlete who has competed in dozens of marathons, endurance events, and triathlons.

Certifications: W.I.T.S. – Certified Personal Trainer, American Sports & Fitness Association – Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instruction

Personal Trainer

Chaz Baggio

Chaz’s fitness specialties include Sports Performance, Nutrition, HIIT Training, Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Crossfit.
His goal is to help guide and instruct his clients through a process, by creating specific individualized programming based on his client’s needs and skill level.

Certifications: ISSA, CF/L1, AFFA Group Fitness, ASFA Kettlebell Trainer, Sports Nutrition Certified

Personal Trainer

Jan Edmonds

Jan’s fitness specialties focus on weight loss, group fitness, cardiovascular endurance, core strength, female strength training and sculpting, bodybuilding and overall fitness.
Her goal is to educate and motivate people of all ages tapping into her years of experience and commitment to health and fitness to help her client’s reach their goals.

Certifications: NASM, AFFA Group Fitness, IDEA

Personal Trainer

Julie Cosentino

Julie’s preferred method of training is Crossfit, high intensity interval training, core strength, strength training, cardiovascular fitness, group training, weight loss, and muscle gain.
Julie enjoys educating people on health and fitness and teaching them how to incorporate it into their lifestyle while helping her clients achieve their personal goals.

Certifications: Personal Trainer, Group Exercise certified, HIIT Certified, Boxing Certified, Weight Management certification, WERQ

Personal Trainer

Kevin Duffy

Kevin focuses his training on building static and dynamic stretching abilities, stability, mobility and balance, muscle endurance and resistance, aerobic, plyometric, and enjoys working with client’s seeking triathlon, and golf specific training. He was a Chicago Triathlon Finisher 2015 and 2016.
His philosophy is to keep fitness fun and in a positive environment, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Piper Cassidy

Piper specializing in core building, isolating muscle groups, as well as strength training, focusing on form and proper posturing.

Certifications: ACE – Personal training, AFAA- Group training, AEA- Aquatic exercise group training, TRXcertified instructor, 1ITS Unmata Belly Dance

Personal Trainer

Kat Saubier

Kat’s fitness specialties include core training/stability with an emphasis on proper form and technique; functional training; and high intensity interval training.

She is passionate about helping individuals reach their maximum health potential through hard work, dedication and fun.

Certifications: STOTT Pilates – Certified Level I Pilates Instructor, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America – Certified Personal Trainer, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America – Certified Group Fitness Instructor, TRX Suspension Trainer – Certified Trainer, IDEA – Member

Personal Trainer

Linda Straub

Linda applies a wide variety of training methods and focuses on personalizing individual programs that get results for her clients. Her specialties include: weight loss, toning, general fitness, body weight resistance training, core training, circuit training, HIIT and strength, individual crossfit training, sports conditioning, functional fitness, cardiovascular endurance, and spiritual self improvement fitness.

Certifications: NIPTI-CPT certified; graduate of National Personal Training Institute

Personal Trainer

Julie Cunningham

Julie is certified in group training and is a corrective exercise specialist. She also specializes in senior fitness. Her passion is health and wellness. Her training style focuses on a combination of strength, balance, cardio, yoga and pilates.

Certifications: NASM

Personal Trainer

Morgan Fox

Morgan’s fitness specialties include sports nutrition, as well as nutrition and exercise in weight loss and muscle gain. Morgan’s goal is to educate, teach and individualize specific lifestyle programs client’s wanting to get active, fit and for overall physical and mental health and well-being, accomplishing this by taking each individual’s background and creating a well-balanced exercise program based solely on what they are looking to achieve. Morgan not only focuses on the physical fitness aspect, but also incorporates proper nutrition knowledge and nutrition programs for each individual to enable a person to maintain healthy eating habits long term, which ultimately creates a healthier and happier life.
Morgan’s focus is on high intensity interval training, core strength & toning, strength training, muscle toning, cardiovascular fitness, group, elderly, and youth fitness

Certifications: ISSA and REP (Register of exercise professionals – UK), Sports Nutrition Certified

Personal Trainer

Richie Sojka

Richie specializes in training elderly clients to get them moving and maintaining their health. He also trains using sports performance exercises for all ages of athletes. He also incorporates kick boxing and other forms of mixed martial arts. He’s had over 10 years of experience in health and fitness. He studied athletic training at Lewis University and worked as a Physical Therapy Technician at HealthSouth and Athletico.

Certifications: American Sports and Fitness Association Master Personal Trainer.


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